WoW CRM's Clean and Modern Design

Powerful & organizable customer relationship management (crm) cloud based software with lots of features

The most powerful features include Workflow, sometimes known as marketing automation. WoW CRM takes this feature to the next level by including workflows into the CRM and sales process.

We work with Stripe to easily collect payments on websites, funnels, and when someone makes an appointment.

Our dashboard keeps track of the progress of the Leads acquisition process, and how much money has been produced on each phase to date.

You can track the status of your  sales pipeline. This visibility alone will help you business to close more deals and justify your marketing efforts.

Two-way SMS messaging is when you can reply to the client, and they can respond to you via SMS. This means your clients can have a proper conversation with their prospects and close the sale via SMS.

You go to one location to view and respond to messages from your clients on Facebook and Instagram Messenger, Google Business Profile, WhatsApp, SMS, and Email.

Send review requests for Google and Facebook to your clients to help boost your rankings and search efficiency.

Voice mail drops are a great strategy to contact your customers without speaking to them. WoW CRM can call a customer with a voice mail drop, and the call is forwarded to the voicemail. WoW CRM then leaves a prerecorded message. It’s like getting the benefits of calling a customer without calling the client.

WoW CRM has its own social media tool built-in,  by posting or schedulding regularly on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin you can able to grow your social media traffic/leads.

WoW CRM contains its own built-in Survey and Quizzes software. Quizzes and Surveys are a great way to use in the lead generation process.

A built-in form builder lets you easily gather data from your landing pages, payment pages, and website, allowing you to input that information directly into the CRM and Marketing Automation Tools.

Make outbound calls directly from a contact record in WoW CRM. When the prospective client calls, the calls can also be received in WoW CRM. With a WoW CRM, your customers can replace their telephone systems for salespeople.

Email marketing is the lifeblood of any online marketing strategy. WoW CRM offers a robust ib-built email marketing platform. It reports on the success and failure of all your campaigns so you can see what areas need improving.

Android and Iphone App available – view campaign data and interact with new leads from anywhere.

Our system can contact your customers’ landlines and transfer calls as soon as the call is connected.

Many more additional powerful features

Our team is working 6 days a week to bring new feature requests into the system.

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